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Thread: Tube shear strength 6061-T6

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    Hello all, new member here from Tucson, AZ. I am currently designing an ultralight aircraft and I am having a problem with shear strength formulas. What I am trying to determine is how much weight a 6061 T6 tube can withstand before permanent deformation. I think this is the formula I need,but I don't understand how to use it; source Beam Formulas
    w = uniform load (force/length units)
    V = shear
    M = moment
    d = deflection
    E = modulus of elasticity
    I = moment of inertia
    I have found the properties of 6061 T6 aluminum here(ASM Material Data Sheet). I can not find the properties of a specific diameter aluminum tube, the yield strength of a tube is going to vary greatly greatly depending on its diameter and wall thickness. This formula doesn't seem to take any of that into account, or am I missing something?

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