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    If I have the Holographic idea right, we are three dimensional projections of a two dimensional action taking place on the outer boundary of the universe. So my question is do the actions at the boundary, two dimensional surface and all of the matter inside happen at the same time? Do the actions and physics of the boundary surface happen first and we only catch up later at the speed of light.

    If so then I don't see how we have free will. Or are the actions entangled somehow and happen at the same time?

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    Holographic cosmology. Interesting one
    Basically, what the holographic principle says is that all degrees of freedom within a volume can be adequately encoded as information on the surface covering that volume. This is analoguous to the classic hologram, in which a 3-dimensional picture is encoded on a 2-dimensional surface.
    I think what this means in cosmology is that the 3-dimensional universe we are seeing only emerges on large scales, and one could just as well use a lower dimensional boundary ( 2+1 dimensions ? ), the cosmological horizon, to describe the exact same universe. I think these are just equivalent descriptions of the same universe.

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    Hi - Please excuse if this becomes a duplicate.

    I can't speak exactly to this question, but I don't think it would negate free will, but free will would just happen on the cosmological horizon.

    There's a post that describes the basic concepts of the holographic universe. It doesn't go into the math, but does a pretty good job of most of the major points. It also touches on a bit of the relation of consciousness to it all as well.

    The Holographic Universe: A bulgy look at a flat reality Science for Fiction: Where Reality Fuels Imagination
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