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Thread: Mercury perihelion precission

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    I appologize in advance if this topic has been discussed before in this forum. If it has, I have not encountered it.

    A "dedicated enemy of Einstein and Relativity Theory" - whom I believe some of you already know, his name is Tsolkas - has recently claimed to have explained the precission of Mercury's perihelion by the fact that the sun itself orbits around the barycentre of the solar system. He claims that nobody else, from Leverrier to nowdays, did ever take into account this fact, and that "all astronomers before...him ("Tsolkas Magnus") always considered the solar system's barycentre as essentially identical with that of the sun"!

    It would be a waste of time to trouble you with the rediculous reasoning he uses in his "derivation" of the precission. My question is this: I can't possibly believe that such a fact realy escaped Leverrier's notice - let alone ALL astronomers to the present day. I believe that it was somehow taken into account in pre - relativity astronomy, still leaving the well known gap of 43" / century. So, does anyone know of any books/papers where the consideraton of the sun's motion around the barycentre is taken into account? Is this motion actually dealt with in the theory of perturbations caused by the planets in Mercury's motion?

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    The perehilion advance of mercury was precicely explained by Einstein and Relativity has proved to be a theroy in the SUPERB clasification [ as opposed to GOOD or TENTATIVE ]
    The sun accounts for 99% of the Mass of the solar system and as such the barycentre of the solar system and the sun will virtually be the same location

    Never heard of Tsolkis and not seen anything published by him so I'm not expecting this alternative explanation to appear in the standard model anytime soon.

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    yet they can detect exoplanets by the effect they have on their suns
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    In the development of the Brans-Dicke theory of gravity, much thought was given to the shape of the sun and the effect that could have on the orbit of Mercury. You can bet that people considered the position of the sun relative to the center of mass.
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