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Thread: Kinetic molecular theory of gases

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    Hello,world,miss you all
    we study this proof at school and I've never understood it,although a lot of teachers tried to help,but may be I need a little bit special way to introduce this proof into my mind.

    my first question:what are the basic concepts I need to understand before understanding this proof?
    second:why does the linear momentum of the wall has an opposite sign not the same sign as the linear momentum of the gas particle?

    third:what is delta(t)?Is it the time between two collisions?the molecule moves a distance (L) to collide with the wall.then after collision it rebounces and moves another (L) to make a second collision with the opposite wall?that's the way I think of it so I hope I'm on the right track?

    fourth:what is the difference between the average speed of the particle and the speed in one direction?

    that's the most confusing question to me,
    a particle indeed moves with the same speed in x,y and z directions so what is the need to call speed in direction x Vx and speed in direction y Vy
    and what does this silly average velocity represent?

    I still have much more questions about this subject but that's enough for now.,
    Thanks in advance.
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    If a particle is moving the same speed on all three axis then it must be traveling on a 45% path relative to all axis. Its velosity would then be x times the square root of 2. Its actual path is the hypotenus of a triangle, or more precisly the diagonal from a cube defined by the values of x,y and z. I think that's right but my solid geometry skills may be a bit off.

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