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    So, I hear people talking about dark energy a lot these days... My question is this. We always look at the universe as being pushed outward by this dark energy. Why not instead look at it as possibly being pulled outward by a vaccuum our universe exists in? Would that not explain why we can't see whats pushing things outward? Because in fact they aren't being pushed. They are being pulled.

    Much like how centrifugal force is not actually a force. We just see and feel the results of a lack of force. Perhaps our universe isn't being pushed outward and expanding, if its being yanked outward we would see the same results would we not? Also, I know we look at the big bang as being the result of this atom exploding...
    Here is a question. Is it not feasible that, while we look at nuclear explosions from two atoms coliding and blasting something apart. If there was a vaccuum strong enough to pull an atom apart would it not cause the same explosion and release of energy?

    So my theory is that perhaps our primeval atom existed in a large vacuum that was yanking it in every direction causing it to rip apart and explode. Thusly if this vaccuum is still pullin in every direction wouldn't it cause the effects we see such as constant expansion of the universe and speeding up of its expansion? Inertia would keep it going constantly and the vacuum could be causing it to speed up?

    Wouldnt that account for the fact that from inside the universe we can't see whats causing our expansion? This thought came to me yesterday and I'm curious what these scientists would have to say about this.

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    The Cosmologist John D Barrow has written some very interesting stuff that may be of interest to you.

    What happened before the Big Bang? |

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    A vacuum cannot "pull" on anything. All a would do is offer no resistance to expansion, but there still has to be something else causing the expansion.
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    Our universe does not exist "in" something else; there is no "outside" of the universe. These terms simply do not apply, because the universe is all there is. Now don't get me wrong, there may be many ( even infinitely many ) regions/bubbles/manifolds, possibly even with different laws of physics, all of which together make up the universe. There is, however, no "outside", so nothing acts on the universe from "outside".
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