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Thread: Hi all genius, pls help me solve me homework(relativity)

  1. #1 Hi all genius, pls help me solve me homework(relativity) 
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    Hi all, pls help me solve the problem below,easy for you right? Please send the solutions and answer to my email, I very appreciate your help, thank.

    A flash of light is sent out from a point x1 on the x-axis of an inertial frame S, and it is received at a point x2 = x1 + g. Consider another inertial frame, S´, moving with constant speed V = bc(c=light speed) along the x-axis; show that, in S´:
    i) the separation between the point of emission and the point of reception of the light is g´ = g{(1 – b)/(1 + b)}^1/2
    ii) the time interval between the emission and reception of the light is t´ = (g/c){(1 – b)/(1 + b)}^1/2.

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    I missed the part where you explain why anyone on the forum should do your homework for you.

    I suppose if we really disliked you we could go ahead and complete it, then you would never learn a) how to do the problem, b) the value of planning ahead c) the importance of doing your own work for yourself.

    However, since this request is your first post nobody knows you well enough to like or to dislike, so I rather suspect you will wait some time and still find no helpful response.

    Welcome to the forum by the way. I hope you will stick around and engage in the more normal activities here. [These include asking for help on homework, just not asking for the entire thing to be done for you.]

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