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    1-In a bottle of water,transverse waves propagte on the surface of water,while lognitudinal waves propagate in depth..what explains this?
    What makes different kinds of waves propagate through water not the same kind?
    You may tell me that is not true because surface waves propagates on the surface of water which are neither transverse nor longitudinal waves
    see this picture

    Waves and Wavelike Motion
    a rock thrown into the water, a duck shaking its tail in the water or a boat moving through the water. The water wave has a crest and a trough and travels from one location to another. One crest is often followed by a second crest that is often followed by a third crest. Every crest is separated by a trough to create an alternating pattern of crests and troughs.

    According to textbook the reason for this is that"there's no intermolecular forces inside water,while intermoloecular forces are relatively large on the surface of water"

    What does this mean?
    2-why do longitudinal waves propagate in fluids ?I can't imagine this?does this refers to the ability of fluids to be compressed?so compressions and rarefactions are formed?

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