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Thread: Еducation - Physics, Chemistry, alternative sources of energy - areas?

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    I have a strong interest in physics and chemistry, new technologies, inventions especially alternative energy ( absorption, generation, storage, transformation, utilization); thermal machines, processes, specific phenomena, effects, and generators of free energy, mobility aids, also: thermodynamics, physical chemist, physical chemistry, molecular physics, bionics, mechanics, fluid mechanics, EM waves, electrical engineering, crystallography, ry and more.

    Experimental and applied nature.

    I studied 2.5 years chemical sciences at the university. Now I hesitate whether to continue a master's degree (in chemistry) or I can start over with physics (4 years).

    1. Currently I am trying to find a suitable subject (physical or chemical) - which can work in smaller scales (even alone).

    2. Which part/area of physics have the opportunity to work on alternative energy sources? The same goes for chemistry.

    2.1. What area of ​​chemistry is most closely to the physics?

    3. Which technologies lies the most potential prospect? Which countries (institutes, universities) are working hard on similar technologies?

    Thank you!

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