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Thread: How will proving that neutrinos does travel faster than light affect Quantum Mechanics?

  1. #1 How will proving that neutrinos does travel faster than light affect Quantum Mechanics? 
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    I'm sure most of you have heard about the news. I know proving it true will change our fundamental understanding in all of physics, but how will it affect the theory of Quantum Mechanics in particular? I'm interested in learning it, and I don't know it in detail so how will this be changed?

    Will proving it true affect what I am to learn in post-secondary physics when I am to take it?

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    Welcome to TSF

    Yes, actually, we have heard about it. If you look there is already a discussion underway in this very Physics forum, which is where you should have posted this, instead of starting a new topic.

    It's always good advice to spend a little time listening (or reading in this case) before speaking up. IMHO, of course...

    Part of that is my fault for not being more clear in the topic title, which I have corrected.

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