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    Given as situation with 3 bubbles and 2 people such that none of the bubbles nor any of the persons are traveling in synch with one another. Person 1 is inside bubble A and traveled at the speed of light within that bubble. Bubble A is traveling inside bubble B at the speed of light. Bubble B is also traveling at the speed of light inside bubble C. Would person 2 outside of all the bubbles observe person 1 as stationary?

    Edit to original question.
    Each bubble and person 1 are moving at .99C but not in the same direction. As observed by person 2 the person in bubble A is traveling clockwise direction at 90 degrees to the rotational direction of bubble A. Bubble A is traveling in a counter clockwise direction with the axis pointing directly at person 2. Bubble B is traveling in a counter clockwise with a 30-degree axis tilted away from person 2. Bubble C is traveling counter clockwise with the axis at a 70 degree tilted angle to the left of person 2.

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    You can't give a physically meaningful answer to a physically impossible question. Change the speeds to .99c or so, and give everything directions, and you can get a reasonable answer.

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    if they are all inside the bubble travelling at the same speed then the observer would see one bubble(containing the others) as moving away..
    you will have to clarify your edit,as your co ordinates are inprecise with regard observer
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