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    Do you think it is possible that at some point in the future, we will have the ability to manipulate atoms, beyond that of a particle accelerator?

    Could there ever be builders whose primary construction materials were atoms?

    I am not suggesting this is an any way plausible, I am simply curious. You will have to forgive my ignorance when it comes to physics; my knowledge of it can be attributed to this forum, documentaries, articles etc... However, please do not let this lead to a negative image of me. My goal here is to learn, as I'm sure is the case with many others.

    So, what are your opinions, and where possible, what evidence do you have to support them?



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    Not sure if this is what you mean but IBM has "built" things using just atoms (20 years ago):

    IBM Builds the First Graphene Integrated Circuit - Computer Circuits - Popular Mechanics

    In the seven years since its creation, graphene has been praised as the marvelous material that will make cellphones and other electronics even smaller, thinner and faster. The graphene revolution has happened in incremental steps, but this week IBM engineers announced a significant one: They published a paper in Science announcing that they have built an integrated circuit using graphene, bringing graphene-based technology closer to reality.

    Graphene is a two-dimensional solid made up of a single layer of carbon atoms.
    More links:


    n a discovery with potentially wide industrial applications, IBM scientists said they had learned to move atoms around at will, allowing them to build structures one atom at a time. To demonstrate the technique, scientists released a photograph of atoms of the element xenon rearranged into the letters "IBM." The picture was the first known example of atomic advertising.The discovery, described Wednesday in the British science journal Nature, opens the door for a wealth of future commercial applications, IBM said.
    And at MIT:

    Building chips from collapsing nanopillars.

    By turning a common problem in chip manufacture into an advantage, MIT researchers produce structures only 30 atoms wide.

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    Hi David, it's kinda odd I found this post but you and me are curious about the same thing here, you have to check out my thread called: Can you move an atom like this? It is asking the same thing your asking but very much more detailed, unless you simple seen it and asked the question yourself lol, but if you asked this question all on your own then we are wondering the same thing and can help each other out, In my thread that all of you have to check out, it talks about-asking-if you can use electrons, photons or atoms to move atoms around billions at a time to make anything you want, I have literaly everything figured out, it should work and should be possible to build this instance to end all worries and give us everything, even eternity, Because it would be able to build anything! that's why ''oviously''....but check out the thread, does it work??? I asked a proffesor and he said no, but I don't know if he lied to keep it secret for himself it their secretely working on it, or if he just said no because he didnt understand me!...he had the AFM and STM right there, I was hopping he say ya it works, lets build it under microscope and change the universe, but no, apparently it doesn't work, but there's two things I said above taht mabey it does work, mabey he lied or he didn't understand what I explained, Or mabey you guys could know stuff he doesn't know about physics that proves it does work, so it could work! check out my thread: Can you move an atom like this?
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