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Thread: My Brief Introduction to Quantum Entanglement

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    Hi everyone,

    I joined recently and I'd like to share some things I've written with you. I think they might be of interest to some people.

    This one is my final year A level report on quantum entanglement.

    It gives an explanation of the mathematical principles behind quantum mechanics and then goes on to talk about electron spin and the EPR experiment.

    It's quite possible I've made a mistake in some parts so do not hesitate to call me out on it so I can make corrections (stylistic criticism is also welcome). I certainly found the philosophical ramifications of the EPR experiment quite difficult to grasp (and hence write about). If somebody could illuminate this in a simple manner it would be much appreciated.

    The two most useful resources for this were undoubtedly Leonard Susskind's excellent Quantum Entanglement lecture series (which is available on iTunesU) and Paul Dirac's Principles of Quantum Mechanics (beautifully written by a true genius, highly recommended).

    Anyway, here's the report: QuantumEntanglement.pdf

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    Unfortunately, I am not a mathematician and my English is rather poor. So, I can not correctly estimate the quality of your text. However, the main problem here is that you do not understand the physical nature of the entanglement (and nobody now understand it).

    Modern quantum physics is based on the mathematics, which gives excellent descriptions of quantum phenomena. But we permanently have problems with physical interpretation of these descriptions. In this sense the situation is practically not changed from the Einstein’s and Bohr’s time. The main reason of it is that we till now do not use hidden variables, like as the differential cross-sections of the reversed quantum transitions (see corresponding thread).

    The main efforts of experimentalists and theorists today should be directed on the study and use of such hidden variables instead of to make more and more beautiful Copenhagen’s descriptions.

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