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    Hi.. I was just listening to a radio station on my music player with my headphones in my ears when i was going by car. I turned on the car radio at the same radio station frequency. The sound in my ears felt amplified.. is this resonance??

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    Er .... No
    It is the additional volume from your car radio.
    Resonanace is a sympathetic vibration [ which may or may not be desirable ] i.e guitar sound box or the Takoma Narrows bridge

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    Your example is the same as having a one-speaker radio and then adding another speaker. Even though they might be in sync with each other (and thus cooperate to produce a louder sound), they are powered from the same source. It's like looking at one speaker and claiming that the various parts of the speaker are in resonance because they all vibrate the same (but they are all from the same source). If science recognized these phenomena as "resonance", it would do so in the most trivial sense of the word.

    Instead, the general idea of "resonance" typically involves two mechanisms: an object that oscillates at its natural frequency, and an external power source that adds energy to the object at its natural frequency. Think of resonance like pushing someone on a play swing (or pumping a play swing) at the right moment when it will add energy to the swing. This is what happens when a singer breaks a wine glass with his/her voice it's not just the power in the singer's voice, but also the singer's ability to hold his/her voice at the "resonant frequency" of the wine glass.

    As a youth, Alexander Graham Bell noticed this phenomena with two pianos in separate rooms. When a note was struck on one piano (caused by a hammer striking a string(s) that vibrate at a particular frequency), he noticed that the corresponding strings (and no other strings) on the other piano would also vibrate. This led him to invent the "harmonic telegraph" (where one set of lines carried different telegraph signals sent and received at different frequencies), which soon led him to invent the telephone.
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