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Thread: Gyroscopes, constant rpm needed?

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    Hello everyone, just found these forums and it seems great!

    Well, I have concidered building a gyro stabilizer for my camera, ispired by the products of the company Kenyon Laboratories:

    Most (all?) powered gyros as I know uses high rpm brushless motors and my guess is that the choise of motor is based on the need of long life time, durability and constant rpm.
    For my project the long life time and durability is not very important and I'd like so make things much more simple for myself - I'll use a brush motor; cheaper and no phase controllers needed.

    Now here's what troubles me... The brush motors rpm will decrease when the gyro is turned and increase when I hold it still - will this affect the stabilizing function, and can you see any other issues with the use of a brush motor that I have missed?

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