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Thread: Is distance infinite?

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    I have this question for some day in my head.One day i was draiving my car on a road and i had this ideea:Lets say im going from point A to point B like 1000m, so i must pass the midlle of the distance to arive to point B (500m) .I passed it but i must pass again the midlle of the distance ( 250m) and and agan and again (125, 62.5, 31.25, 15.625, 7.8125 ..... and so one to infinite)My qestion is how is it that it takes me a infinite times to pass the midlle of the distance 2 min to pass point B in the same time?Sry for my bad english...

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    If you continue to halve a quantity then you will decrease the distance down to inconceivably small lengths (infinitesimal) which are, for all intents and purposes, negligible (in everyday macroscopic terms, anyway). Basically, the time t it takes to cover a displacement s depends upon the object's velocity v- simply put: t = s/v. So, if the displacement from A -> B is 1000m then the time it takes for you in your car to cover this distance is given by 1000 metres divided by your average velocity:

    t = 1000/v

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    This is one of Zeno's paradoxes (though it's not a paradox in the strictest sense). The basic problem is that halving the distance also halves the time, and that an infinite series can add up to a finite result.
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