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Thread: Theory of time extruding from space.

  1. #1 Theory of time extruding from space. 
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    A year or two ago I read this interesting looking theory which said, in effect, that the time dimension extruded from 3 dimensional space in quantized packets at light speed and that light was merely matter rotated into the time dimension, was actually stationary in the time dimension. This theory resolved a couple of difficult paradoxes with the way light operates, particularly wrt to passng through consecutive polarized filters.

    But now I can't find it.

    Don't know if it was true but it's certainly an interesting way of looking at the universe and the guy had certainly included a fair degree of math.

    But now I can't find it again.

    Does anybody have any input on this theory, either way, or where I can pick up the thread on it again?


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    Sounds like a lot of nonsense, very speculative at best.

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