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    Is it possible to use multiple mirrors to see an object directly behind a wall as if the wall wasn't there? With enough space a system of mirrors based on a periscope would work, however what if space was limited? Could you use a concave mirror to distort the image then a convex mirror to reverse the distortion of the image?

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    In Tom Clancy's 1988 book Cardinal in the Kremlin, there is some discussion of a technology of using fiber optic tubes to look into a person's prison cell. It's difficult to be sure sometimes with Tom Clancy whether he's talking about technologies that are real or imagined, so I don't know if that was ever a real technology. Certainly it has been surpassed by digital camera tech by now.

    However, there are endoscopes based on that type of technology, called fiberscopes. Fiberscope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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