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Thread: The Day Earth Stops Rotating

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    This is a curious thought that struck me while reading a book regarding physics.
    It included stuff on the second law of thermodynamics (about how enthropy always increases), and vacuum.

    So apparently vacuum can never practically be realised, due to quantum theory and dark energy/matter. On top of that, the second law of thermodynamics also means that something cannot continue its action forever cuz you always lose energy.

    Well, after reading this, I reckoned that this must be applying to Earth as well. Earth must be losing its momentum, ergo its angular velocity of rotation and orbit must be decreasing slowly. Of course, this would be minimal since space is almost vacuum (I remember it as something like 3 hydrogen atoms per cubic metre). But it would've had an effect considering the history of the universe.

    What do you guys reckon on how much "day" has increased since the early days of the Earth?

    *I have information that apparently by the day Earth dies, one day would be 44 hours due to friction between the ocean and the tectonic plates, but this is unconfirmed info.

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    The day has more than doubled since the earth formed, but that is due to the shift of anguloar momentum in the Earth-Moon system, as momentum is transferred (by tides) and the moon slowly spirals away, while the earth's rotation rate slows.

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