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Thread: nuke decay?

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    It is to my understanding that we use dense materials and split them up to get our energy using rods. After this we get a decayed material of what I would guess to be in a spectrum of nickle and silver (half of U238). ?

    So I get that nuke waste is still in a decay phase, that atoms are unstable and traveling at high decay rates, that particle mass is emitting neutrons,, AND helium which i found to be interesting.

    But if helium is a rare substance why wouldn't we collect it for reuse, is it unstable aswell? and If helium is the result of stabilized neutrons wouldn't that mean that we could Soak nuke wastes in a high PSI hydrogen bath to stabilize it faster?

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    The fission products of U238 are not Nickel and Silver ( half of 238 ??? ). I don't recall the products but you should easily be able to look it up.

    Alpha particles are not exactly Helium. They are a Helium nucleus stripped of all electrons, and it is the electrons which give Helium the qualities which we asssociate with Helium. All physical attributes and chemical processes are the result of electron interactions.

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    This book, available on Amazon, may be of some help to the OP. " An introduction to Radiation Protection " by Alan Martin and Samuel A. Harbison.

    An Introduction to Radiation Protection: Alan Martin, Samuel A. Harbison: Books
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