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    I need to start a physics project over summer, something of an A-Level standard or higher.

    I want to do something practical like an experiment and then write about 5000 words on it.

    My budget is between 100 and 200 (≈$200 to $400) and I must have the entire project finished by March 2012 so I have a long time to do it and it can be quite in depth.

    I want something that will be a challenge and will really impress a university admissions tutor.

    I'm stuck for ideas so far, everything I think of is either far too complicated/expensive or the complete opposite so all suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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    Do you have any specific field of physics in mind- e.g. mechanics? Electromagnetism etc? Also, just out of curiosity, which exam board are you on for physics as I'm currently studying A-Level Physics too and I would love to do a project for part of my final qualification- however OCR Physics A doesn't have any such project on the specification, which is a shame...

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