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Thread: A viable union of discontinuous QM with continuous waves?

  1. #1 A viable union of discontinuous QM with continuous waves? 
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    The text and illustrations for this post amount to an entire chapter, so I'm requesting that the patient Reader click to Pt VII of where there is an unprecedented geometrical resolution explaining how quantum mechanics - Planck's 'quantum h' factor of constancy - may be a result of the emission of quanta (what I call the 'translatory moment') in invariable units, in accordance with rudimentary laws of geometry.

    The central explanation begins - in Part VII - when you scroll down to the illustrated - gold colored - 'Golden Rectangle'.

    I will be very grateful for any commentary, corrections, criticisms or contributions this post may receive, at this - Science Forums - location.

    (Note, upon arriving at the above URL and accessing as a guest, the menu starts with Part VIII, to view Pt VII and the entire menu, click on 'Messages' at the upper bar. Clicking on 'Messages' presents the entire menu, including Part VII. My sincere apologies in advance, for the inconvenience.))

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  3. #2 A viable union of discontinuous QM with continuous waves 
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    Stumbled through the gauntlet to reach and look over part VII. It needs editing. I am familiar with the Golden Rectangle, though I've not previously seen it employed as it is here, with the four 90o segments interpreted as dimensions, and the consistency of the 5th extrapolating 'dimension' emitted from the proposed system, identified as Planck's constant h.

    This would explain the uniform currency of energy absorbtions and emissions visa vis the standard of quanta.

    I'm not qualified to agree or disagree with you, though your interpretation is seriously interesting. I think I understand what the six dimensions may be in this context, but more dimensions beyond six, I have no idea.
    Good luck with any further research or findings.

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