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Thread: Sound waves and air resistance and gravity?

  1. #1 Sound waves and air resistance and gravity? 
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    well my english isn't good and i do not know much about Physics,
    but i really wonder now so if u guys don't mind i'll ask some!

    the condition is....

    *In Earth




    1.Soundwaves starts from exactly "middle" of the room. sound is loud, and long like big brass. so 3rd and 1st can hear it well enough.

    2.the soundmaker... whatever it is, it isn't on the ground.

    3.and those three rooms have same option. the walls, ceiling and ground. but without furnitures which can obstruct the wave.

    so, in this simple condition, the problem is
    "upstair, downstair, which stair is louder?"

    my friend says its the upstair.
    bcuz as in earth, theres a air resistance. so, soundwaves are affected by air resistance and it would be upstair.
    and he said it maybe bit different by day or night.

    but other peoples says no stair is louder,
    its just same bcuz its not affected by gravity force simply.

    and i'm just guessing its the downstair....

    so tell me about your opinion, bcuz i really look forward to hear some lucid answer that'll help us all!

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    Sound pressure (a more objective word than loudness) is proportional to the absolute air pressure, so I would assume the sound pressure would be greater downstairs where the air pressure is higher. But the effect would be unnoticeable to human ears.

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    Yeah, sound isn't affected by air resistance the way a ball is. As Bunbury said, higher air pressure makes the sound travel faster. I'm not sure that would make it louder, but I'm reasonably sure it wouldn't make it quieter. In any case, the effect would be insignificant. (Of course, you could always use a skyscraper instead.)
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