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Thread: Powder Toy physics or how to simulate fusion and fission

  1. #1 Powder Toy physics or how to simulate fusion and fission 
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    I posted previously on physics process sandbox simulators.
    I finally stick to 2 of them and one is Powder Toy.

    It is the only tool I know which can simulate a nuclear power plants, a fission bomb, electronic processes and some chemical processes. Some modifications (because it is open code, you can change it as well and create new elements) allows you to simulate fusion.

    Protons, neutrons, electrons, photons can be simulated. The light is decomposed through a glass prizm. Adding salt to water is giving salty water which can then be boiled, evaporated and will result in salt and steam.

    This is awesome. I think it should be forced in any school for kids between 8 and 15.

    EDIT: I forgot... One can create laser... And pressure and temperature are taken in consideration. Aerodynamics of objects is respected (cf. intrados/extrados wings test)

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