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    Assume I put a 1 inch square cube of some material into a 10 Gauss magnetic field, heat it up to the point where it almost melts, and then let it cool rapidly. The heating would make the magnetic dipoles free to move more, and then during the cooling they would tend to align with the external field.

    In the limit that the materials permeability reaches infinity, would it then magnetize to 10 gauss?

    Every material in the world has some finite permeability so in reality it would acquire a field of less than 10 gauss, correct?

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    When you say "would it magnetize to 10 Gauss?", are you then talkig about the magnetic flux denisty directly outisde of the 1 inch square cube? For this cube will be like a bar magnet, and certainly not surround itself with a homogenous magnetic field.

    Concerning your question, I would suppose that the flux denisty of the cube will depend both on what type of material it is made of, and its mass, or rather how much matter it contains. Since the magnetization of the cube comes from the alignment of its magetic domains according to the external field, I wonder if it even would be possible for the field strength to exceed 10 gauss from the cube at some point.

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