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    I would consult everybody about the theorys of high temperature superconductivity .
    Asked that, Which important high temperature superconductivity theory does the academic circles have? And what is its academic merit respectively? What is its shortcoming respectively?

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    At a guess no regular contributors to the forum are experts in high temperature superconductivity.

    At what level are you asking this question? As a post-grad involved in deep research on the topic, as a high school student preparing a small homework assignment, or somewhere in between.

    It would help to know. (I tak it you have googled for ouline information?)

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    I learned about high temperature superconuctivity in a graduate class, but I am certainly not an expert. The main theory used to explain superconductivity is BCS theory, which is called that because B, C, and S are the first initials of the three guys who came up with it.

    Basically, electrons become paired in a way that only allows them to move together - even though they are separted in space. Normal electrical resistance comes from electrons being scattered in the conductor, but when electrons form "Cooper pairs" it's impossible to scatter one electron because the other sort of keeps it anchored in place. The result is that they move along through the conductor without scattering.

    That's probably not a very good description of BCS theory, but it gets complicated very quickly.
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