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    In 1864, Maxwell's Equations show that: That a changing magnetic field should always be related to a changing electric field. In 1887, Heinrich Hertz demonstrated the existence of electromagnetic wave, and that: 'light itself (including radiant heat, and other radiations if any) is an electromagnetic disturbance in the form of waves propagated through the electromagnetic field. The wave characteristic is showed hereinafter:

    1.Light has attribute of wavelength and frequency;
    2.Light can change its wavelength and frequency (such as red shift);
    3.Light has characters of refraction, diffraction, interposition, dispersion, polarization etc.
    4.Light and light superpose but not collided each other when they intersect.

    In 1900, Max Planck formulated an equation describing the blackbody spectrum and postulated that: radiant heat promulgate quantized energies by electromagnetic wave. In 1905, Einstein suggested that light can be thought of as individual packets or "quanta" of energy in explanation of the photoelectric effect. In 1923, Compton observed that the increase in the wavelengths of x rays and gamma rays when they collide with and are scattered from loosely bound electrons in matter. The term photon was not used until 1926. The follow phenomena need the interpretation in terms of the particle nature of the photon:

    1.Light Pressure;
    2.Photoelectric Effect;
    3.Thermal Radiation;
    4.Compton Effect;
    5.Chemical Reaction of Light; etc

    People always thought these phenomena couldn’t be explained by the wave characteristic of photons but the particle nature of the photon, it was incorrect.

    First, not only sound wave but also water wave can press the target, so the Light Pressure can’t negative its wave characteristic of photons.

    Second, the energy of wave consists of kinetic energy and potential energy. The kinetic energy of wave is the energy of vibration (or frequency). With same swing, higher frequency wave carry more energy. The potential energy of wave is the energy of swing. With the same frequency, higher swing wave can carry more energy. Therefore, frequency is one of important properties of wave energy. The wave characteristic of photons can explain the Photoelectric Effect.

    Third, It was usually thought that the wave characteristic couldn’t been use to explain how photons and particles transfer energy and effect each other. In some chapters, it will be explained.

    In a word, there is some proof negate the particle nature of the photon, and all phenomena can be explained by the wave characteristic of photons.

    The direction of the electromagnetic wave is very steady, but it also scatters. The wave with higher frequency, it will with more steady direction and more dispersion.

    The electromagnetic wave scatters energy in promulgate, the energy be scattered direct ratio to the distance. The dispersion of energy decrease swing and frequency, increase wavelength. The change of frequency and wavelength are very tiny as very hard to detect. The light from distance change frequency and wavelength go by the name of red shift. I think the real reason is the distance but not the light source keep away from each other.

    People usually thought that:’ electromagnetic wave encounters wouldn’t change their directions’. It is illogical with philosophy. Suppose the direction change, the universe would be explained.

    (You will read more if you can read Chinese and visit my BOLG .)

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    Dear Fieldz:
    The fact that you're from China and speak English as well as you do is remarkable. There's a forum, TOTAL UNIFIED FIELD THEORY, anthologized and written by myself that may contribute to your studies.

    Moroever, any response you - or any of your interested cohorts - may offer about it, may contribute to my studies. The URL is If you click on Part VII, it will access you to the entire menu. I am very curious to know what you think of this and how that may help you, or either one of us.

    K.B. Robertson
    (That Rascal Puff)

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    I will glad to visit the url.
    The Distance Redshift(or Tired light ) Affect Cosmological Observations
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