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Thread: hi which waves is used for controlling robots sent to moon

  1. #1 hi which waves is used for controlling robots sent to moon 
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    hi which waves is used for controlling robots sent to moon

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    As, far as i think Radio Waves will be the answer. Radio Waves have got huge list of application in communication field.

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    the OP might be asking for specific frequencies............

    I don't know if there are any International Treaties on radio frequency use in space but I think there would be optimum wavelengths depending on distance, amount of data to be sent etc - but usually in the case of large amounts of data a higher frequency would be preferable...........

    It might also depend on the country/company that are sending the transmissions and that built the thing...........
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    Are we even still sending rovers to the moon? I think the ones sent to Mars use lasers for data transmission...the higher the frequency, the less dispersion you get from the beam which is a good thing for long distances. I think radio waves spread out too much; you would need to boost the power more, which is undesirable.
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