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Thread: Need help choosing topic for a cool science project

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    I am new to the science forum, this is my first post

    I'm in 10th grade (doesn't really matter) and my school's having a science fair; we need to present a project related to physics, biology, and chemistry. (It doesn't have to be all three, but they said it would be better if the project had all 3).

    Last year's science fair winner was a group who proposed the production of electricity by plants and made a model for it.

    Another winning idea was a person who proved that plants can feel by experimenting with them; he treated one plant nicely and the other one abusively and then noted that the one treated abusively did not grow as well :S

    Of course, I'm not looking to imitate these ideas, but I need to have a project that fulfills the criteria that those two projects fulfilled, I guess, so I can win.
    I've thought so hard about it but all the ideas that came up weren't really nice, so please don't bother asking what they were

    Any help would be appreciated; I posted here because I knew there would be smart well-informed people who wouldn't give me the same ideas as the lame ones found on some kid websites.


    PS. I put this in the Physics section because I mainly want the project to be about physics, but if you guys have any non-physics ideas, I'm still open for suggestion. My best friend, who is in another group competing with me, says she has found a physics-related idea that she bets I haven't heard of. I'm a pretty well informed guy What do you guys think it might be?

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    hey why dont you try and make a refrigerator type thing using only salt water and ice in some sort of thermal insulated bucket, there is some cool entropy stuff that goes on and it gets quite cold. A lot below the freezing point of water. I don't know the details but it is just an idea for you.

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