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Thread: Hmmm, eh... this science stuff goes way over my head.

  1. #1 Hmmm, eh... this science stuff goes way over my head. 
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    So is the idea of Special Relativity different from General Relativity?

    Is it more quantum or something, is it string theory, or m-theory? what does SPECIAL relativity mean in precise definition?

    I wonder how can the ideas of hsseinberg's uncertainty principle, newton's law, EM Spectrum, inertial flux, einstein's relativity (einstein-rossen bridge theory too), string theory, higgs bosson, and etc all can fit in one massive universal space of existence and coexistence, and what would that theory be called, the theory of space/nothing having something somehow exist within it's void of absolute nothingness yet having properties and functions somehow existing as something in nothing, even weird spatial functions?

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    Special Relativity is restricted to the special case where there is no gravity. It was developed first as it is easier to work in that realm. General Relativity expands the applicability to the more general case and allows gravity. SR is a subset of GR.

    We use SR in situations where we can safely ignore the effects of gravity because its effects are minimal.

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    Special relativity is more special than no gravity. It applies to situations where there is no acceleration (force) of any kind.
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