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Thread: Maximum Weather Balloon Altitude

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    I was wondering what the maximum altitude for a weather balloon is? The highest I have currently seen is 100,000 feet, but theoretically couldn't one go much higher than this given that the Earth's atmosphere goes beyond 100,000 feet, or is the atmosphere just to thin for the balloon to go higher? Another variable is the maximum diameter of the balloon itself, i know the larger the balloon is able to expand before it pops the higher it can go, so is the balloon itself is what limits the maximum altitude?

    This is a wonderful video of a Father and his son sending a homemade weather balloon up to 100,000 feet.

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    I imagine the balloon would continue to rise in the atmosphere as long as the density of the balloon 'system' is less than the surrounding medium. At exactly what altitude depends on the balloon.

    This is a cute picture. Your weather balloon is in it.

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