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    Have surfers been wrong this whole time?
    Well not exactly but they are re-thinking how to create "surf".
    Because surfing started in the ocean the general view about surf-able waves is that the best waves are in the ocean...well not exactly.
    In the ocean the energy (wave) moves though the water to it's final destination were it blooms into a beautiful once in a life-time flower of spinning water & energy that disappears as quickly as the surfer catches it. This to many people including myself is a mystical relationship with the ocean and so to compare the beauty or joy of it to say riding a standing wave on a river is...I'm sorry to apples & oranges.
    Now building surf-able waves is not as subjective. Building waves that move though water is a dated science that is not cost effective in any equation and the space required is a true game killer here..never going to add up.
    Now look at a wave in another setting other than the ocean...a river. Now the wave stays in place and the water-flow (energy) moves though the wave. Condensing the whole process down to a small area where the energy of the water and rider fit perfectly and never leave the focal point of the wave unless they choose to project themselves out of the area with intent....easy way to surf anywhere you have a current of water.
    I'm a surfer and not a scientist so if I said some dumb stuff..sorry.

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    This almost looks like an advertisement.

    Others of course are doing similar things

    Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name
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