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    This is a simple question. I wasn't sure which category it would fall under because it includes multiple sciences.

    What would happen to the human body if a man jumped out of a plane at 40,000 feet without any special precautions? This includes having no special suit, mask, oxygen, goggles, gloves, nothing protective or supportive except a parachute. Assuming he can't open his chute at that height, what would happen to his body during the descent until he could safely open his chute?

    Details would be nice. Include every possible hazard, not just hypoxia.



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    what more hazzard u wont except that man would die 100%
    Realise no oxigen big radiation of sun extremly low atmosferic pressure he can die of 2 things hypotermia or sufication cause there is wery cold and air pressure is ALOT lower than down here on mother earth, next if he SOMEHOW owercome those 2 things at 20000 meters(that close to 40000 feet i think) he would get big big speed and he will die of capilar breakings and his hart woill colapse, if he survive that if he open parascute low cause speed it probably brak his arms and torn apart hes dead again , eather way speed he get ewen small missdirection of his hands can cause that he just break his arms or legs or spine, example when u in car open window and put ur arm out in speed of 100km/h or 66mile/h if u put palm in direction of car and paralel with ground it will stay that way but if u just rise a palm to up a lil ull see that u need a force to get it back, well 100km/h u get there in about 10 sec and due diference of presure same afect will form but not strong as on ground but with increasing speed it will acheew speed limit and thos acrobatics are not recomendible. so he dead without any protection or "speed dumpers"
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    40,000 ft? There's something like -40 º C over there. The man will be moving very fast through that air so he will be cooling fast in a -40º, 250 km/h wind. So he will freeze without the appropiate clothing.
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