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Thread: Physical constants calculator and units converter

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    check out this site for doing calculations with physical/scientifical constants and units conversions in an easy way where you get a list of available constants to match the letters you write as the name of the constant or unit. Users can also add new constants and conversions.

    for more help on using the site you can check this video:

    example of things you can do:

    conversion: c{km,hour} will convert speed of light(c) to km per hour

    100{km*hour^-1}{mile,hour} will convert speed in km per hour to mile per hour
    and you don't need to guess the unit name like in other sites, once you start typing you get a list of possible units. also you don't really have to specify hour again so you can simply type: 100{km*hour^-1}{mile} and get the result in units mile per hour.

    (Ke*eCharge^2)/(hbar*c) will give you the fine structure constant or simply type
    alpha and you also get it.

    try it, tell me what you think, thanks.

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