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Thread: Please help me with some answers..

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    Hello again, I was watching another show talking about the Sun and how the outer layers are speeding up while the core is slowing and it seems to causing the Sun to loose some magnetism. Ok and the Earth is also presently loosing Magnetism as well. And since we've Only been measuring the distance between the Earth & the Sun for a lil less then 500yrs or so, Could the calapsing magentism in Both the Sun & Earth cause them to move away from each other?, Even if in a miniscule amount. And if so could this cause the tempature of Earth to rise and fall according to the pull between both objects. And IF the Sun didnt have it's cycle would we be continually pulling SLOWLYYYY into the Sun becoming Venus over Time and a continually building warming effect if there was no cool down lesser magnetic release? I saw something 2 yrs ago about the Coral reefs dying and if it got to bad the gas off those dying reefs could put gas in the atmosphere that could ignite in the rite conditions turning us into Venus basically.

    Ty For any and All explaination. I got a stomach virus which has pretty much stopped my working career so i sit here and think about and watch about the things I always wanted to now and I have alot of questions now. TY again

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    Try to combine similar posts or the admin will get angry (just copy, delete, and paste this into your other post since that one already has two responses).

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