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    I have two very specific questions.

    I was trying to read this paper :

    and i noticed that equation 3 and equation A6 were different :

    Eq3 : L(t)=Q(t)/£(t) (not dimensionally correct)


    Eq A6 : L(t)=Q(t)/£(t) * delta_t

    When you read under equation 3, you understand why this is like that ; they say :
    "As seen in Eq.(A6) of Appendix A, lifetime indeed has the dimension of time, being multiplied by the sampling time interval (which is here equal to unity–1 day)."

    Questions :

    1/ Is it ok to have a dimensionally wrong equation if you say why in the text right next to it (i.e. numbers have a dimension and here because the time interval chosen is unity ) ?

    2/ Is it common practice in Physics to do that ?

    Thank you !

    Note : i do not want a comment on the paper itself, just on this specific point.

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