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Thread: Illuminance from multiple light sources

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    If I have a specified number of light sources with known luminous flux and opening angle pointing in the same direction and with known distance from eachother, how can I calculate the total luminous flux?

    In my specific problem I have a 100 LEDs with 22 candela and a 20° opening angle which I calculated to give me 3300 lumen per lamp. However now I am unsure how much light the combined hundred lamps (aranged in a grid with 1cm distance) will give as I strongly assume it wont be just 330.000.

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    Well I cannot quite see the situation without a picture but you do just add the flux and luminosity for all the lamps. So if the answer is 3300 for each of the lamps seperately then 330000 would be the answer for all of them together.

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