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    In my research, I have come across posibile explantation of gravity, not in Newtonian Mechanics, but in wave mechanics.... please bear with me...

    Physics has been attempting to find the unified field theory, a universal force that would link gravitation with electromagnetic and subatomic forces. To date, no one has been successful. My proposition is that the force of gravity is caused by a wave emitted from a mass oscillating in space-time.

    Assume an object falls into a pool of water. Waves radiate outward from the central point, decreasing in amplitude as the wave moves farther from the central point.

    The model of an object falling into a pool of water is three-dimensional. The waves radiate outward on a two-dimensional plane while moving vertically, adding a third-dimension. Thus a sphere will involve four-dimensions, which means Space-Time applies.

    Amplitude determines the intensity of the wave.
    ~The higher the amplitude, the more intense the wave
    ~The lower the amplitude, the less intense the wave

    This explains the decrease in brightness of light as distance increases if one assumes a scenario as described in the object falling into pool example

    Now assume a wave created on a string attached to a wall and held at its other end by a hand. The wave will “pull” on the wall when it rebounds
    ~The higher the amplitude the larger the force

    Objects oscillate in space-time. This is similar to an object on a spring
    An increase a mass will increase the distance the spring will oscillate

    Appling this to objects in space-time, larger masses generate a higher amplitude of gravitational waves.

    Thus I derive the following:

    Gravity is a wave that radiates outward from a mass through space-time. Gravity travels at a constant speed, namely the speed of light. Because the wave radiates in a spherical manner, amplitude will decrease as distance increases. If amplitude decreases, then force decreases. Thus as distance increases, force decreases, this holds true for all observations by modern science. Mass increases will increase amplitude, which in turn increases force. All modern scientific observations support that gravitational force between objects increases if their masses increase, all other thing being constant.

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    I like your theory and have one question: If the Sun suddenly vanished would the gravitational effects of this be felt immediately at Earth or would they be felt after 8 minutes of the collapse (Light from the Sun takes 8 minutes to reach Earth)?

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    The general view is that they would be felt eight minutes later, it being considered that gravitational effects disperse at the speed of light.
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    I really like your theory it's very intresting I too am looking for a good explenation for gravity. all though I have a question about your theory.

    well when you drop somthing into water the waves infact push the oject away not pull it gets pulled in Becuase there is a bend in the water and the water gets pulled back in and becuase the thing is in the water it gets pulled in. are you accounting for that?
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    i agree with you, the water bends back.. so all that'll happen is that gravity keeps an object at place.. instead of really attracting it. Or is half of the motion that was created into another spacetime, or the opposite motion won't have any effect on normal bases atoms? Or is there a difference in forces? and if there is.. where does the spare energy go to.

    I think the rotation of atoms (electrons + core) have a spare energy scource, that turns heat into atom fuel (*) what generates a hyperelectric field, that causes the gravity motion.. so waves that result in a retracting motion to some matter, i'll push other matter away (dark matter).

    so a lot of atoms give a stronger field.... anyway.. this theory is a good one indeed.. i must say


    (*)(just to give it a name, i know it's not fuel)
    Growing up, i marveled at star-trek's science, and ignored the perfect society. Now, i try to ignore their science, and marvel at the society.

    Imagine, being able to create matter out of thin air, and not coming up with using drones for boarding hostile ships. Or using drones to defend your own ship. Heck, using drones to block energy attacks, counterattack or for surveillance. Unless, of course, they are nano-machines in your blood, which is a billion times more complex..
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    im not scientist im just student of electrotehnical university but here my opinion if u think its dumb u
    can show it as example how man can be wrong :P, gravity itself must be observed on atom and molecular level
    cause in end that is what create mass, 1st there is 1 mine thery "no emission atom", atom that have no tendency
    to interact with other atoms in any kind of molecular connection iz gravity zerro atom, that is atom that have
    all electron orbit filed up, what make molecules to form it depend on i canot put it in englesh word cause
    my native language is not english but i think u understand it, there "Kovalentna" coneection i think it maybe
    "Covalent" and "jonska" maybe "ionic" connection, that is 2 forces that are in fact wery small in power, base
    forming of molecular connection is done by tendency of atom to make all his orbit full in reality molecular theory
    in chemystry work nice cause it say what atom can conect to other and what molecules can be created, but electrons
    have tendency to "excape" by adding some external force source (heat, temperature, magnetic feald, electrostatic feald)
    that will increase thir kinetic energy, well what happen then if we know that electron all time jump around like insane
    inside of any matery, there 2 scenarios, almoust all field strenght drop proporcional due lenght*lenght distance,
    and no matter how feald is small it exist and in theory can be detected, 1st scenario is colaps of a molecule sometime happen,
    second is that he owertake another electron from other atom or molecule, but what happen in interwal WHEN HE IS WITHOUT ELECTRON
    there is a field that activly atract electron but on other part athom ormolecyle that have that electron allso atract that electron
    due of stronger field and unconsistency of number of protons that atom or molecule have that electron is owertaken but what about
    atom molecule that had that electron it had been atracted to other atom molecule, as i remeber closer the orbit is
    it harder to owertake electron but if it around some lover number of proton athom he will be atracted bu energy conversion in
    orbit of that atom cause electron constantly change his potential and kinetic enrgy on depence of distance of core of athom
    in lovest kinetic and strongest potentional state other atom have most chance to steal it and atract it,
    but allso other atom atract it if u use this small field and multiply it with all numbers of athoms on earth and
    calculate field on distance from surface of earth i wonder what number ull get.
    there one question that my frend asked me, by this he say any field electrostatic magnetic .. wil make antygravity drive
    answer is no cause there alot electron thaty jump arond and asked to be atracted to something cause electrons always
    run around and new sorce of it is not ag drive.
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