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Thread: Are Quarks balls?

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    I know it's unlikely they are actually little balls

    but I mean in the same sense Protons are little balls.
    As far as I know, Electrons arn't as depicted, the balls just show how the energy/electrostatic forces etc tent to arrange themselves around the nucleus. Protons on the other hand, are actually Matter in the centre of an atom.

    So are the Depictions of Quarks and Gluons closer to reality? like protons, Or completely different? like electrons

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    Some recent descriptions of protons I have seen indicate they can have may possible shapes, like peanuts for example.

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    No, they are not little balls. The theories that model gluons and quarks are quantum chromodynamics and string theory, things I know nothing about. I can't help you out much further but to suggest that the physical models involve superpositions of continuous fields, rather than small or point-like particles.
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