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    hmm how do they work? like radio/light ect waves now I'm thinking people bitch alot about them not having a medium to travel through, but if it needs a medium woudln't it then only be an extreamly fast vibration? isn't it just a lot of electrons moving in a wave? doesn't it already have it's own medium?

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    I'm pretty sure a wave by definition is a disturbance of matter, meaning that a wave itself has no mass whatsoever itself, and since all it is is the certain movement of matter you kinda would need a medium of matter to be present for a wave to travel through...

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    if u mean radio waves, so it's an electromagnet wave which doesnt need a medium to transfer..i believe that these kind of waves are massless..but if u deeply look to the mechanical sound waves it needs a meium molecules to make vibration due to molecules collision..theses collision vibration, the molecules then will disorderd and vibrated one by one causing definite frequency..which the sound we hear..
    unlike the electromagnetic no medium,..then no sound..thats explain why we dont hear electomagnetic radio wave..the electromagnetic wave sent with definit frequencies and received by transducer in radio & etc..i always consider the ear organ as the sensetive device in human body to the mechanical sound wave,..and the Brain to electromagnetic wave.. radio just working as translater bewteen electromagnetic wave & mechanical sound..
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