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    hey guys been a while sonce i been on here..

    But anyway something weird happened to me today.. My normal light i have had for months started behaving strangley it is a small room first ill say the light is one of those fan ones on the ceiling my bed is to the far side of the door and to right. next to that on the wall is my dresser whitch has a clock and a radio on it.. a foot away from the dresser is my computer... I noticed this at first when i moved my computer to the area near my dresser though its just the monitor and its not plugged in.. this is when it happened 2 days ago.. since then it happens about 1 of every 3 times i turn off my lights...

    Okay the thing is that when i turn off my light for about 1 4th of a second a stream of light flys across my room that looks like a long but thin spark... (it is orangeish) and it happens around the area of the bed and the electronics.. the ray jumps out and might turn when it hits a surface but it happens very very fast. and then dissapears. nd it certainly has no creapy vibe that you might get from a ghost (im a believer).. just it is a litle strange.. ANY ONE CARE TO HELP ME SOLVE THIS.. oh and i had my dad come and see and he got the same results so im not just going crazy.. it took him a while to see it but eventually he got it and started praying LOL still this is a peculiar case and i dont want a bogus answer that makes no
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