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Thread: Just a thought - Quantum Mechanics Related.

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    So I was just brushing through one of my old quantum mechanics books and picked up on something strange which I haven't found an answer to yet...

    Electrons exist within a "probability cloud" - and within that cloud there are areas where the electron has the highest probability to be at any given point in time....

    Now, (using Hydrogen as an example) the area of highest probability within the probabilty cloud is equal to the exact energy level of the proposed 1st orbit of (Bohr's?) model, and is equal to -13.6 eV....

    so . . . If an electron can exist in any point in space, or in any point within the probability cloud, why whenever experiments are conducted do we not find Electrons with energy levels between the proposed orbits but exactly in the "highest probability areas"?

    Am I missing something completely obvious or...?

    Thanks for any comments.

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    yea you are, no offense. i only remember this becuase i've been thinking about quantum mechanics quite often lately. the 1s orbit of hydrogen that the electron is likely to fall in, doesn't just reffer to one specific distance from the atom that the electron will fall under, the 1s shows that the electron will be within that circle or on it, but not always on the edge of it.

    in addition, the orbital isn't a 100% propability of finding the electron there, an orbital is formed by a 90% propability area of finding an electron. it is always possible that an electron with very high energy could be out in the f orbital on a hydrogen atom(it just wouldn't stay there long)

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