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Thread: PMM research (concept similar to Perendev)

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    Hi there,

    me and my friend are working on a Permanent magnetic motor concept like the Perendev one (see Links bellow), at these time without positive results. So I decided, to write these in hope to find out what are we doing wrong.

    Some Links:

    The main idea of our concept was to make one rotor and stator plate and not three (upper Link) like in the original Perendev concept. So to get the offset (by Perendev these is reached by three rotor plates offset) we decided to split the stator in three parts (see photos below) and reach the offset by these way. So we have only one level for our testing purposes. But as we assembled it and do the first test "run" nothing happens, it's not turning backward and even forward. The only thing we find out is that the rotor was harder to turn (effect was like an magnetic brake) So we were really disappointed, have anybody a clue what could be the reason that it's not turning.

    Magnets: Neodymium R=20mm L=25mm
    Shield: conventional steel thickness=1mm
    Stator: Wood thickness=40mm (align and distance of holes NOT 100% accurate)
    Rotor: FR-2 (Flame Resistant 2) or Paxolin thickness=30mm

    For other Details se pictures below:

    Please help us, we are really frustrated because we couldn't get it to work properly and spent a lot of time to find a solution, so you are our last chance. If we are on a wrong way please tell us a better one, because we really believe that we can get some energy (rotation) from the magnetic force (field).

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