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Thread: What are some ways I can use electrolysis?

  1. #1 What are some ways I can use electrolysis? 
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    Can electrolysis be used on other liquids and foods besides water to break down their molecules into their elements? Is it safe at home to perform electrolysis with a 1.5 volt battery on these substances?

    Is there any way to collect gasses such as hydrogen?

    What is the opposite of electrolysis(putting elements back together to form different molecules?

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    You can electrolysize other things, for example salt water, but they tend to give off very bad stuff, such as chlorine gas, so it's not a good idea.

    You can collect gasses by simply putting a jar over the electrodes.

    You can recombine hydrogen and oxygen to get water again by buring them together, but it produces a pretty intense flame (or explosion) if you're not careful.

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    you can use electrolysis to extract copper from rocks i think
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