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Thread: age of fotons while traveling

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    I've been wondering for a while how time works for light. As time slows the faster one travels, how would this apply to light? does this essentially mean that to us, sunlight has been traveling for 7 minutes to reach earth, but to 'light itself' it didn't take any time to reach us? how about light that has been traveling for one billion years? thanks!

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    The challenge with your question is that a photon does not have a valid frame of reference from which to measure. Something must be at rest with respect to something else to have a valid reference frame, and photons are always traveling at c relative to everything else.

    In short, the question is rather meaningless.

    However, if you really wanted to speculate, and ignore the reality of the physics, one might be inclined to say that a from a photons perspective (even though it doesn't have one), it is everywhere all at once. Again, though, it's pretty meaningless since a photon cannot serve as a valid reference frame.

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