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Thread: Vibrations in TEM in Holography imaging mode

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    Hi everybody,

    I am doing a post here because I have a problem when I want to acquire a holographic image on my TEM. Indeed, when I put my image on my TV camera, I can see some vibrations. As a consequence, when I want to do an acquisition of this one with the CCD one (for example I do an acquisition of 1 second), this vibrations are averaged, which gives at the end a very bad hologram with a very bad contrast, and some noise at the interfaces between white and black franges (probably due to the vibrations).

    I am thinking to an instability of the Lorentz lens as standard TEM imaging perfectly works without any vibrations.

    How can I solve this problem? Is there some parameters to fit in order to avoid those vibrations?

    The TEM is a TECNAI from FEI.


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