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    Hello Friends,

    One of my relatives asked me a question about Raman's effect. I took her text book and went through that subject, but unfortunately I could not make anything out of it. I found it so complicated that I felt it impossible to understand.

    Could any of you please explain Raman Effect in detail and in simple English that I can understand and explain it to her.

    Thank you for your help.

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    I don't know about detailed but basically when atoms scatter light the photons that are emitted generally match the photon that stimulated it. (Whatever a photon is.)

    This is probably due to the statistical likelihood that the ingoing photon will interact with an electron.

    However, sometimes photons emerge with either higher or lower energy, i.e., energy is either taken away from the atom or the atom takes energy from the photon. The change in the atom's (or molecule's) energy is equal to the change in the incidental photon's energy. This Raman effect is manifest as spectral lines; red-shifted for low energy and blue-shifted for high and reflects a change in properties in some of the atoms.

    If coherent light is used for scattering, distinct spectral lines appear which indicate the energy levels in the atoms.

    Also, there's lots of maths involved. :?

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