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    It is said that a black hole is a super massive region of space from which nothing, including light, can escape. But what happens with the gravitational influence? If light is imprisoned inside of the black hole, why not gravitational influence? In this case, how a black hole could be detected? Could a black hole create a gravitational lensing effect? Should we leave the idea of a black hole attracting and absorbing matter?


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    It really best not to think of gravity as something leaving a black hole in the the way that light does. Light is a radiation while gravitational influence is due to a field.

    There is such a thing a gravitational radiation or gravity waves, but they are not responsible for the pull of gravity. What they do is transmit information about changes in the gravity field.

    A black hole has a gravitational field because the mass forming it did. Once the mass passes inside the event horizon, no more information can leave it, including information about changes in the gravity field. Since the gravity field doesn't receive any information telling to change, it doesn't, and it remains the same as it was before the mass passed within its event horizon.

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