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    Hi, my name is federica and I wanted to ask to anyone that understand about magnetism what appen if you measure an hysteresis curve for a ferrofluid sample that shows magnetic remanence and that has first been in contact with a strong magnet!
    My problem is that from this measurement my sample looks superparamagnetic, with no magnetic remanence and with a diameter around 10nm...but the problem is that I'm not able to obtain a stable suspension, and it shows lot of big aggregates in the optical microscope that orientate themeselves with the external magnetic field!
    The measurement has been done with the sample in do you think this measurement is showing the reality or am i getting fool from something and simply the particles are bigger?
    No TEM or XRD in my lab :-(
    Thanks a lot, i really need some support!!!

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    What kind of ferrofluid is it? For some reason people always call them "ferrofluids", even when they are ferrimagnetic or antiferromagnetic.

    I assume the fluid should show the same sort of hysteresis loop as the particles that give the fluid its magnetic properties.

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