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Thread: An elementary question regarding motion

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    Guys, this is elementary Newtonian physics and logic: I am sorry I am bothering you with this. I have stated the following in a debate regarding motion vs. staticness (we have been talking about contradiction):

    a, b and c are three objects. At moment t1, a and b start moving away from c at the same direction and same speed x m/s and after 1 s, that is, at t2, they are x m away from c. from t1 to t2, a and b were motile in relation to c but static in relation to each other.

    Now let us bring in the contradiction part:

    a is motile in relation to c but static in relation to b from t1 to t2. This is non-contradictory.

    But if I said: a is motile in relation to c from t1 to t2; and then I said: a is static in relation to the same c from t1 to t2. --- then these two statements would be mutually contradictory.

    Thus, there cannot be an object that is motile and static for the same reference object at the same point of time, which would be physically impossible and logically contradictory, but an object can be motile and static with reference to different reference points or for different points of time.

    Of course, no contradiction is obtaining in reality. Only contradictory statements are being made of which only one will correspond to a given observation/experiment.

    Is there any error in my formulation?

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    I don't immediately see one, but I don't really see your point either.

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    I have reached the same conclusion as Bender.
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