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Thread: Help me choose a scientist.

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    Hi, can you help me choose a scientist, preferably Australian, and discuss his/her work relevant to waves and communication or give me a link to his/her website which details what he/she is working on that is related to waves and communication?

    Thanks in advance

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    Why don't you just look at the Wikipedia?

    In a "I am so smart" scale, it ranks inmediatly above of "let's visit some forums and see wether they can do my homework for me"... :wink:

    As I do feel charitable, I will suggest you too seach for "Australian scientists" at the Wikipedia search engine. It is likely to produce some sort of list from where you could pick those closer to the issue you look for. :wink:

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    welcome to the forum. The idea of the forum is to provide an informal place where people interested in science can talk about it, discussing theories, scientists, the impact of science on the community, etc.

    It is also a place where you may be able to get answers to science based questions that have long puzzled you. This includes getting help with homework - it does not include doing your homework for you. After you have done some provisional research of your own by all means post questions designed to clarify your understanding.

    If you search on Google for the search string "Australian scientist" communications electromagnetic you will get almost two hundred hits. Why not let us know what you find.
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